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67,500 Miles (112 500 km)

E] Replace air cicancr filter. |:| Change engine oil and filter (or every Ar: Emtt'siun Cnnrmt Service. 12 months. whichever occurs first). El Inspect fuel tank, cap and lines for damage A" WWI" CHM”! Swim * _ _ or leaks. Inspect fuel cap gasket f0]. any El Lubncate the suspensmn. steering linkage,

parking brake guidcs. undcrbody contact points and linkagc (or every 12 months. whichever occurs first}.

C] Rotate tires. Soc ‘TiIc Inspection and Rotation" htthelndnx forpropcrrotation pattcmnnd additional information. During tire rotation. check brake calipers for freedom of movemnm and lubricate if roquircd.

damage. Replace parts as needed. An Emiflftm Comm! Service. T

um: 5mm 1w:


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