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52,500 Miles (8? 500 km) 60,000 Miles (100 000 km)

CI Change engine oil and filter [or every [I Change engine oil and filter {or every [2 months. whichever occuts first}. 12 months. whichever occurs first). Ar: Emission Comm! Service. ‘V An Emission Comm! Service. * El thricate the suspension. steering linkage, [j Lubricete the suspension. steering linkage,

parking brake guides. underbody contact points and linkage (or every 12 months. whichever occurs first}.

|:| Rotate tines. See ‘Tu'e Inspection and Rotation"

parking brake guides, nnderbodv contact points and linkage {or even.r 12 months. whichever occurs first}.

in the index fm proper mun Wm and E] Clean and repeck the front wheel bearings additional infgmfim_ During fire rotation. [or at each brake refining, whichever check brake calipers for fimdom of movement 00'3”” firm-

and lubricate irrequired. El Inspect engine accessoryr drive belt.


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