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Short TriplCity Maintenance Schedule

39, 000 Miles (65 000 km) 42,000 Miles (70 000 km) El Change engine oil and filter [or ever},r El Change engine oil and filter {er every 3 months, whichever eeeurtt first]. 3 monlhs. whichever occurs first}.

An Emission Caetmt Sen-tee. * Art Emld'fi'ltll'l Centre! Service. *

El Luhrieete the suspension. steering linkage, parking l'ueke guidest undated}: contact points and t'mkage {er every 6 months, whichever ocean; first).

:I Rotate tires. See ‘Tire Inspectien and Rotation" in the Index for proper rotation pattern and additional information. During lire retatien. cheek brake calipers for freedern of movement and lubricate if required.

|:| Change Ute rear axle gear lubricant if vehicle ie used te- pull a trailer.




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