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Short TripJCity Maintenance Schedule

30,000 Miles {50 000 km)

El Change engine oil and filter (or every 3 months, whichever occurs first}. Arr Emission Conrml 5mm *

1:! Lubricate the suspension. steering lil'iloage+ parking brake guides, underbody contact points and linkage (or ever}.r 6 months, whichever occurs; first}.

|:J Change the rear axle gear lubricant if vehicle is used to pull a trailer.

[3 Clean and repack the front wheel bearings for at each brake refining. whichever occurs first}.

'Ir'- [2

Replace air cleaner filter. Ari Emission Control Service.

El Inspect fuel tank, cap and lines for damage or looks. Inspect fuel cap gasket for any damage. Replace parts as needed.

An Emission Control Service. i'

C] Rotate tires. See “Tire Inspection and Rotation" in the Index for proper rotation pattern and additional information. During tire rotation, cheek brake calipers for freedom of movement and lubricate if required.


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