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Short TleCity Maintenance Schedule

The services shown in this schedule up to 100,00!) miles { lfifi tltlfl km] should be performed after lfll'lflDU miles [lee III) km] at lite same intervals.


‘l' The LLB. Environmental Protection Agency or the California Air Resources Board has determined that the failure to perform this maintenance item will not nullify the emission warranty or limit recoil liability prior to the completion of the vehicle’s useful life. We. however. urge that all recommended maintenance services he performed at the indicated intervals nod the maintenance be recorded.


“' Your vehicle has an Engine Uil Life Monitor. This monitor will show you when to change the oil —— usually between 3.0m miles (5 one km) and 7.50:} miles [12 Still} inn} since your last oil change. [Joelle severe conditions, the indicator may come on before 3.0m miles [5 [flit Ion}. Never drive your vehicle more than 1,500 miles [12 no km} or

IE mars. { whichever occurs first]. without an oil change.

The system won‘t detect dust in the oil. So if you

drive in a dusty area be sure to change your oil every 3MB miles {5 Hill] ion} or sooner if the CHANGE [11L light comes on. Remember to reset the Oil Life Monitor when the oil has been changed. For more iniot'tnation, see ‘Ettgine Oil Life Monitor" in the index.

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