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How This Section is Drgunizud The remainder ofthis aeolian is divided into five parts:

“Part h: Scheduled Maintenance Services” shows what to have done ond how often. Some of these services can he complex, so unless you are behoicolly qualified and have live necessary equipment, you should let your dealer‘s service depot-uncut or another qualified service cc ruler do these jolts.

Performing maintenance work on a vehicle can be dangerous. In trying to do some jobs. you can

be seriously injured. Do your own maintenance work only it” you have file required know-how and the proper tools and equipment for the job. If you have any doubt, have u qualified

technician do the work.

If you are skilled enough to do some work on your vehicle. you will probably wool to get the service information GM publishes. See "Service and Owner Publications” in the Index.

“Part B: [turner Checks and Services" tells you what should he checked whenever you stop for fuel. It also explains what you can eaein do to help keep your vehicIe in good condition.

“Part C: Periodic Maintemtnce Inspections” explains impm'taol inspections that your Buick dealer's service depurlmenl or another qualified service center should perform.

“Part D: Remmmended Fluids and Lubricants” “so: some products GM recommends to help keep your vehicle properly nuintoined. These products. or their equivalents. should he used whether you do the work yourself or have it done.

“Pen E: Maintenance Reoord" provides a place

for you to record the maintenance performed on your vehicle. Whenever any maintenance is performed be sure to write it down in this part. This will help you determine when your next maintenance should be done. in addition. it is a good idea to keep your maintenance receipts. They may be nwded to qualify your vehicle for warranty repairs.

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