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“Iguana“ “mm”

H Imumanmum

FUFI “DRE Hmi‘l’m. 3“ m‘ Ellflllllfl “mu I-A.

Fuse Usage

T Not Used

it Rear Window Wiper

9 Radio

in 1Mnc|2=rliieiel ‘WlpeflWas her Switch

1 I Rear Defog Relay. Air Bag Sysrem. Headlamp Switch. LI'P Cluster. Rea: Defog Switch

Fuse |2

Usage Turn Signal Lamp Flasher. Back-up

Lampflransmission Position Sensor {PNPII Switch. Shift Interlock {ETSI}

Inside Rearview Mirror. Warning Alarm. Stoplamp Switch, Headlmnp Auto Control Module. Daytime Running. Lamp Control Module. Remote Control Door Lock Receiver. Automatic Level Control Sensor

Theft—Deterrent Module

Air Bag System

Cruise Control Module, Cruise Control Switch. Cruise Conu'o] Release Switch

Heater and AFC CtInIIu-l, Low Blower Module Elem}.I

Power Steering Control Module. Heated Seats Control

Eileen-it: Actuator, Vacuum

Eiue u'ie Solenoid. Heater and NC Control. Instrument Cluster. Daytime Running. Lamps


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