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Electrical System

Add—On Electrical Equipment


Don't add anything electrical to your Buick unless you check with your dealer first. Some

electrical equipment can damage your vehicle and the damage wouldn‘t be covered by your

“enemy. Some add-on electrical equ 'rpmeu'l can keep other components from working as

they should+

Your vehicle has an air bag system. Before attempting to add anything electrical to your Buick. see “Servicing Your Air Bag-Equipped Buick" in the index.


The headlamp wiring is pmlected by an internal circuit breaker. An electrical overload will cause the lamps to go on and off. or in. some cases to remain off. If this happens, have your headlamp wiring eleeked right away.

Windshield Wipers

The windshield wiper motor is protected by an internal circuit breaker and a Eu sc. If the motor overheats due to

heavy snow. ole, lhe wiper will stop until the motor cools. If the overload is caused by some electrical problem. he sure to get it fixed.

Power Windows and Other Power Options

Circuit breakers protect the power windows and other power accurasefies. When the current hiad is the heavy, the circuit breaker opens and closes. protectng the circuit until the problem is fixed or goes. away.

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