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1lr'ehitcle Identification Number {VIN} Service Parts Identification Label

You‘ll find this label on the rear compartment amrage lid

' in the wagm. Crn Ilte sedan. the label is located er: the. . Lt'ttl'tli lid. it's very helpful il'ynu ever need in order

pans. [in this label is: your VIN.

the mttdel desigtmLiett.

" =LE-ilUliTl _



paint in furrnatitm. and

This is the legal identifier int year Buick. It appears en a “5. 0f all production ”minus and EFL-mm a plate in me fmm corner of the instrument panel. on the equip ment.

driver's side. Ynu can see it if yea iuuk through the windshield from outside your vehicle. The VIN aise appears on the Vehicle Certification and Service Parts labels. and the certificates of title and registration.

Be sure that this label is l'.|U-l removed. fmm the vehicle.

Engine Identification

The eighth character in your VIN is Ihe engine code. This code will help you identify.r your engine. specifications and replacement parts.

e54 _

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