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Appearance Care Materials Chart

PALRT NUMBER m DESCRIPTION USAGE lumm 2.?5 sq. ft. Shines vehicle without scratching 16 oz. (0.47?- L: Th: and Road Gil Remover Also lemmas: nld waxes and palishes

m mnmawashermmanmm Wasmawnmm mw mm

I15 0?. {(1.43 L) Armor MI ‘“ Cleaner Clears vim-t. [tamer and rubber £2345 us I: :12. {11354 L] Sifiuunc Tm: Shlm: um

Set: your General Motors Pam Damn mum For meat: products. * Not recommended fnr pigskin sued: lemma". See “Fluids and Lubricants" in the Index. ** Nut mcummended for use an in; l‘ru'mcnl panel vinyl.

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