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Care of Safety Belts Keep belts clean and dry.

Do not bleach or dye safety belts. 1f yau tin. it

may severely weaken them. In a crash, they might not be able to pmyide ndeq mite protection. Clean safety belts only with mild snap and lukewarm water.


Glass should be cleaned often. Git-'1 Glass Cleaner [(j M P'ilt't Ne. IDSMZTII 01' at liquid hnusehnlcl g[ass cleaner will temuvc ntmnal tobaccn smnlce and dust films.

Don't use abrasive cleaners on glass, because they may cause scratches. i‘tvnid placing decals on the inside rear window. since they may have m be scraped off later. If abrasive cleaners are used on the inside of the res: window. an electric defngger element may be damaged. Any temporary license should not be attached across the delhgger grid.

Clenn'mg the Outside cf the Windshield, Bmkglass and Wiper Blades

If the windshield is not clear alter using the windshield washer. or if the wiper blade charters when running. was or OIhCI' material may he on the blade or windshield.

Clean the nutside of the windshield with GM Windshield Cleaner. Bun-Arm Powder‘g' [GM Part Nn. 10500] 1}. The windshield is clean it heads do not [arm when you rinse it with water.

Clean the blade by wiping vigorously with a cloth soaked in lull-strength windshield washer solvent. Then rinse the blade with water.

”Wiper blades should be checked on a regular basis and replaced when worn.


Silicnne grease on weathersuips will main: them last longer. seal better. and not stick UT squeak. Apply silicone grease with a clean ninth at least every six. months. During very cctld, damp weather more frequent appliestinn may he required. {See ”Recommended Fluids and Lubricants“ in the indenj

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