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3. Han odor lingers after cleaning vomit or urine. Cleaning [gather treat the same with a watetfbaking soda solution: U 11 E th 'th lulo: 1:! '1d _ 1 teaspoon {5 ml} of belting soda to [cup {250 ml} so a so :1 o in warm water an a nu soap or of lukewarm water. saddle snap.

I For stubborn stain 5, use a GM Wnylr'Leather Cleaner

4. Ifneecled. clean lightly Wllh solvent—type cleaner. orequiualcnt product.

Combination 5min" l Never use oils, varnishet-L. solvenluhased or abrasive Stains caused by candy. icg cream. mayonnaise chili cleaners. furniture polish or shoe polish on leelhcr. sauce and unknown otai no can he removed as follows: - Soiled leather should be cleaned immediately. 0 Carefully scrape off exeexs stain, then clean with lfdirt is HllDWHd lu WDTk lnlfl “18 fimsh, II can cool water and allow to dry. hann the leather. i 1th stain remains, clean it with solvent-type cleaner. Cleaning the Top of the Instrument Panel Cleaning Vinyl Use only mild soap and water to clean the top surfaces of the instrument panel. Sprays containing siliconcs or ”58 warm water and a clean cloth. waxes may cause annoying reflections in the windshield I Rub with a clean. damp cloth to [emuve dirt. you and even make it difficult to see through the windshield may have to do it more than once. under certain eondilions.

0 Things like tar, asphalt and shoe polish will stain if you don‘t get them oft” quickly. Lise a clean cloth and a GM VinyllLeallte-r Cleaner or equivalent product.


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