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Using Solvent-Type Cleaner on Fabric

First. see if you have to use solvent-type cleaner at all. Some spots and stains will clean off better with just water and mild soap.

If you need to use a Solvent:

0 Gently scrape excess soil from the trim material with a clean. dull knife or scraper. Use very little cleaner. Ii ght pressure and clean cloths (preferably cheesecloth]. Cleaning should start at the outside of the stain. "feathering" toward the center. Keep changing lo :1 clean section of the cloth.

I When you clean a stain from fabric. immediately dry the area with a blonr dryer to help prevent a cleaning ring.

Special Cleaning Problems

(i reasy lIIT' [lily Stains

Stains caused by grease. oil. butter. margarine, shoe polish. coffee with cream. chewing gum. cosmetic creams, vegetable oils. was crayon. tar and asphalt can be removed as follows:

1. Carefully scrape off excess slain. 2. Follow the solvent-type instructions described earlier.

3. Shoe polish. watt crayon. tar and asphalt will stain if left on a vehicle‘s seal fabric. They should be removed

as soon as possible. Be careful. because the cleaner will dissolve them and may cause them to spread.

Non-Greasy Stains

Stains caused by catsup. coffee {black}. egg. fruit. fruit juice. millt. soft drinks. wine. vomit. urine and blood can be removed as tbllows:

1. Carefully scrape nit' exoess stain. then sponge the soiled area with cool water.

2. if a stain remains. follotv.r the foam-type instructions described earlier.


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