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Tire Chains and instructions. And always open your dents or

windows when you‘re cieaning die inside. NOTICE:

Never use these to clean your vehicle:

Gesufline Use tire chains only where legal and only when Benzene you must. Use only SAE style="position:fixed;left:794px;top:368px;width:58px;height:27px" lang='eng'>“5" type chains Nephtha

that are the pnrper size Fur your tires. Install them an the rear tires and tighten them as tightly as pinsihle with the ends securely fastened. Drive slowly and [bikini the chain manufacturer‘s instructions. if you can hear the chains contacting your vehicle. strip and retighten them. If the contact cnntinues, slew down until it stops. Driving ten feet or spinning the wheels with chains on will damage your vehicle.

Cerhnn Tetraehlnride Acetone

Paint 'l'hinner

‘I‘urpcnu'ne l LacquerThinner O NailPelishRemnvcr

They can all be hazardnus -— some more than others -— and They can all damage your vehicle, ten.

Appearance Care

Remember. cleaning products can be hazardous. 5mm: In many uses. these will damage your vehicle:

Don't use any [if these unless this manna] says you can.

are toxic. Others can burst inlu Harm: iiynu strike :1 . AI _ it 1 match or get [hem an a hot [1an offline vehicle. Some are L“ '3 dangerous if yun breathe their fumes in a closed space. I Laundry Soap When ynu use anything from a cnntainer in clean your . Bleach

Buick. be sun: to fullmv the manufacturer's warnings I Reducing Agents

- 6—45

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