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Using the wrong replacement whee-In, wheel bolts ur wheel nuts on your vehicle can be dangerous. It could affect the braking and handling of your

vehicle, make your tires Itnie air and make you Indie eontroL You could have a collision in which you or others could be injured. Always use the correct wheel. wheel bolts and wheel nuts for



The wrong wheel can also cause problems with hearhtg li:l'e. brake cooling, speedometer or odometer calibration. headlamp aim, hmnper height. whiele ground clearance and tire or tire chain clearance to the body and chassis:

Scc “Changing a Hot 'l‘ire" in the index for more information.

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anod Replacemenl Wheels

Putting a used wheel on your vehicle is dull genome. You can't know how it‘s been used or

how Winn},r miles it‘s been driven. It could fail sudlzienlgj-r and came an accident. If you have to replace :1 wheeL use a new GM original equipment wheel.

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