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Buying New Tires

Te find out what kind and size til' lirefi. ynu need. Iii-tilt al the Tire-Leading information label.

The tires installed on your vehicle when it was new had :1 Tire Perlhrmunee Criteria Specificatitm [TPC Spec: number on each Iire's sidewall. When yeu gel neeI tires. gel ones will! LhaL same TPL' Spec number. Thar. way yeur vehicle will Continue in have tires that are designed to give proper endurance. handling. speed rating. traction. ride and other things during nermal scrviee (in your vehicle. Il'ytiur lirBl-i have an all-season tread design. the TPC number will be followed by an "MS" ri'nr mud and snow}.

if you ever replace your Lirex wiih Lhniie not he ving :1 TH: Spec number. make sure they are the same size. lnaet range. speed rating and con sirueiieu type (bias. lilies-belted or radial} as yuur uriginiil tires.

Mixing tires eeuld cause you to [use central while driving. "you mix lire-5.- flrdifier‘em sizes ur typeai {radial and bias-belted tires}. the vehicle may not handle properly. and you could have a erash.

Using tires of" different sizes may also cause damage to your vehicle. He sure to me the flame size and type tires an all four wheels.

It’s all right tn drive with your compact spare [if you have one}. It was deveiupeii fer use on your vehicle.


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