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After the [inn have been minted. adjust Lhe front and rear inflation pressures as shown on the fire—Leading lnfnnnatien luhel. Make certain Lhin all wheel nuts are properly tightened. See “Wheel Nut Turqtle“ in the index.

Rust or dirt on a wheel. or en the partfl tn whieh it is fastened, can make wheel nun: heeeme lease after a time. The wheel eunltl enme off and cause an accident. When you change a wheel, Himl'fl'e

any rust or dirt from places where the wheel attaches In the vehicle. In an emergent: 5. yen can use a cloth or a Paper towel tu do lh is; but he sure to nee a scraper or wire brush Inter. ifyeu need tn, to gel all the rust or dirt ni'f. {See “L‘Iianging 11 Flat Tire” in the Index.)


When “*5 Time fur New Tire-5

One wag.- to tell when it's time int new tires in Le check the treadwear indieatnrs. which will nppenr when your limit have only me inch {1.6 mmier less of Head remaining.

You need a new Lire if any of the following .stulernenls

are me:

I You can see the indieaan at three er more places around the tire.

0 You eat: see cord or fabric Shnwing lhmugh the lire's rubber.

I The trend 1:: aidewnll is cracked. eui nr snagged deep enough ti} shew curd ur l‘nhric.

I The tire has-e .ll hump. bulge or split. 0 The tin: has a puncture. cut or other damage Ihut

unn'l‘. he repaired well because nl'lhe size or interim: of the damage.

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