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'2. insert the tip of a small screwdriver in to the slot as shown and gently press. down to release th: wiper blade from the arm.

3. To install the wiper hlede. align the wiper amt pin with Il'u.‘ hole on Ihi: wiper hledc assembly and snap i: into place. Return the wipers Ln Iheir nonnul widen.


We don‘t make tires. Your new Buick uflrncs with high-eunlity Lin-s made by :1 leading tire nwnufecnu'er. IF you ever have questions about your tire warranty and where to obtain service. see your Buick Warranty hookEet for details.

Poorly maintained and improp-efly used tires are dangerous. I Overloading your tires can cause overheating

as a remlt of too much friction+ You could how an air-nut and a serious accident See “Loading Your Tln'iehic‘le‘” in he Index.

C AUTION: (Continued!

I Underinflnled tires pose the some danger as overloaded tires. The resulting accident could cause serious inj uni. Check all tires frequentlyr to maintain the recommended pressure. Tire pressure should be checked when your tires are cold.

Uverinflated tires are more likely,r to

he cut, punctn red or broken by a sudden impact such as Iwhen you hit as pcuhnle. Keep tires at. the recommended pressure. Worn. old tires can cause accidents. Ifyour trend is lindly,r worn. or it‘ your tires have been damaged. replace them.


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