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Tailiarnp I'Wagnn} 4. From outside L11:- vehicle. cure-fully pull Lhc laillamp assembly awn}- fmm ll'H: hudy.

l . Rama-In: me two Philliphm head HCIEWS,

5. Praiss. the bull) huuxing release lever and turn

2' For me pusseugflr 3 Side lmllamp, rcmnw: the the housing a qUEIILET-lul'll cuuntemtnckwise to

lmusing Ihal covers 13m: span: tire. Tn do this. turn the

\r 1- ' Skilled mlcasc hullcan located on [he rearedge of the fame I" IL cover. Then pull um cuvcr away from lhe window. 6. Tu renmw the bulb. push it in and rotate it slid: it toward the rear and lift it up and out nfthe CUUfilmluckWi—‘ic. luwcr_ back. For The Ell-”er S 51:55: Efllllflmp. remm'e T. REV-2H: all flu: alcps lu rcassemhle the taillamp I111: 1.11m panel.

housing. 3-. Unscrew “1.: Wing nut.

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