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Brake Wear NOTICE: Your Buick has from disc brakes and rear drum brakes.

. Using the wrong fluid can hadlfi' damage. Dis: broke pads: have huill-in weer indicators llml make III-eke “Slam parts. Fur Examphjwil a few a high—pétehed witijrning HflgdwiT-lfin the hank: pads are d

' _ _ worn an new pa s HIE n . e mun may come on gull): $33321: fiffnfleflufinfigrfiiiie go or be heard all Llie time your vehicle is mes-lug {except

when you are pushing on [he broke pedal firmly]. system parts in badly 'lhat they‘ll have to be

replaced. Don’t let. someone put in the wrong kind of fluid.

If you spill brake fluid on your |veln'ele‘s painted surfaws, the paint finish can be damaged. Be careful no! to spill hru ke fluid on your vehicle. If you do. wash it off

immediately. See “fippeeranee Care" in the Index.

The brake wear warning Suutld means that

sooner or later your brakes won’t work well. That could lead In an accident. When you hear

the brake weer warning sound. have your vehicle serviced.

Continuing to drive with worn -mlt brake pads could mull. in costly brake repair.


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