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Adding Coolant Surge Tank Pressure Cap

If you need more ooolanl. add the proper mix or the NOTICE:

.t'trrge' ionic, l'HJl only when the engine 15 COOL The surge tank cap is a 15 psi llll'E ltPal

pressure-type cup and must he tightly.r installed to prevent coolant loss and possible engine damage

from overheating

You can be burned it'you spill etnilattt on hot

Engine parts. Coolant contains ethylene glycol. and it will burn it the engine parts are hot

enough. Don't spill coolant on a hot engine. When you replace the aurge tanlt pressure cap. a GM cap is recommended.

When replacing Ii1e pressure cap, make sure it is tight. Thermostat

Engine coolant temperature is controlled in- a tlnsmuah'lal in the engine coolant system. The thermos [at stops the Flow of coolant throngh the radiator until. the coolant Teacher: a preset temperature.

.Ilf- When you replace your thermostat. an AI; " |J1errnustat is recommended.


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