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Engine Coolant

The cooling system in your vehicle is filled Twith new DEX-COOL “‘ [orange-colored. silicate—free] engine coolant. This coolant is designed to remain in your

vehicle for 5 years or 1111,0113] miles l 166 Ufll] km}. whichever occurs first.

The following explains your cooling system and how to add coolant when it is low. If you have a problem with engine otrcrl'tenling1 sce “Engine Overheating" in

Lht: Index.

A 50:50 mixture of water and the proper coolant for your Chevrolet will:

I Give freezing protection down to 44°F {-BTDC}. Give boiling protection up to 265°F “29"CJ. Protect against rust and corrosion.

Help keep the proper engine temperature.

Lot 1111: warning Lights and gages wmit in; Ilse).r should.


When adding coolant it is important that you use DEX-COOL “‘ l orange-colored. nlicate-fi'ee] coolant meetlng GM Specification flZTTM.

lfrflicnted undanl is added to the system, premature engine, heater core or radiator corrosion may result. In addition. the engine coolant will require change sooner -- at

30.1!!! miles {50 Ill!“ km} or 24 months. whichever occurs first.

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