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Operating the engine with the air cleaner 11le cauee Iflll ur ether; to be burned. The air cleaner

nnt unly cleans the air, it stops flame ift‘he engine haeltllm. H‘ 11 isn‘t there. and. the engine haeltfires, you muld he burned. Don’t drive with it nl't'. and he careful working on the engine with the air cleaner nfl'.


1f the air cleaner is nfi‘. n backfire can cause a damaging engine tire. Anti, dirt can easily gel lute your engine. which will damage it. Always have the air eleaner in place when yuu’re driving.

Rumt‘we the. air filter. Be sure to inspect bod] sides of the filter and replace it if necessary. Close the eever and properly secure Ihe wing nuts-

Refer it! the Maintenance Sch-adult: tu determine when to replace The air filter.

See "Scheduled MBinLenanCe Services" in the Index.

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