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Driving under these conditions causes engine oil to break down sooner. I)" an}r one of these is true for your vehicle, then you need to change your oil and filter every 311!) miles {5 DOD km} or 3 months -- whichever occurs first. (See “Change I[til Light" in the Index.)

If none of them is true. change the oil and filter every 1500 miles (I2 500 km} or 1’2 months -- whichever occurs first. Driving a vehicle with a fully warmed engine under highway conditions causes engine oil to break down slower.

See “Change 0i] Light" in the Index for more information on when to change the oil.

What to Do with Used Oil

Did you know that used engine oil contains certain elements that rnag.l be unhealthy for your skin and could even cause cancer? Don‘t let used oii stay on your skin for very long. Clean your skin and nails with soap and water. or a good hand cleaner. Wash or properly throw aWay clolhing or rags containing used engine oil. (See Ihe manufacturer‘s warnings about the use and disposal of oil products.)

Used oil can be a real threat to the environment. If you change your own oil. be Sure to drain all freedlowing oil from the filter before disposal. Don’t ever dispose of oil by putting it in the trash. pouring it on the ground. into sewers. or into streams or bodies of water. Instead. recycle it by taking it to a place that collects used oil. If you have a problem [:1t‘o1ierlg,I diagnosing of your used oil. ask your dealer. :1 service station or a local recycling center for help.


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