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As shown in the chart. SAE SW-BD is best for your vehicle. However, you can use SAP. ItiW—SU ifil'e going to be [11°F {-IE‘T} or above. These numbers on an oil container Show its viscosity. or thickness. Do not use other viscosity oils, such as SAE BOW—Si}.

Use only engine oil with the American Petroleum

Institute Certified For Gasoline Engines “Starhumt” eymhol. Failure to use the recommended oil can result in engine damage not

eovererl by your warranty.

GM Goodwrenchm oil meets all the requirements for your vehicle.

Engine Oil Additives

Don‘t add anything to your oil. Your Buick dealer is ready to advise if you Liiink something should be added.

When to Change Engine Dll

See if any one of these is true for you:

I Must trips are lea-s than 5 to H} miles [3 to 16 ion}. Thix is particularly importanl when nun-tide Iempereiunes are below freezing.

0 Most trips include extensive idling (such as frequent driving in stop-ond-go traffic].

I Most trips are through dusty areas.

It You frequently tow a traitor or use :1 corner on top of your vehicle.

«I The vehicle is need for delivery service. police, taxi or other eonirnerciril appiieation.


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