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What Kind of Gil to Use . HEW“!!! an “scum am: EIIEIIIE In;

Oils J'ecoumaen dud I'm yuur vehide can be identified by ".1 m1 gig—MM m m sumfififfi ill! “3"“; lvuki Hg far the "'Starhursl” symbol. This syrnhn] a: mum HIDE III. HI! 1'! mm mm "HIE.

indicates that The oil has [113L311 canified by the A merit m1 ' ' _—_""'

FL Ulfl'll-ITI |I5lltL1EE£API1 ”31““ UNC 'JIIN' {HI u'hlch —1 An- ——I I

dues nut carry [his Slarhurfil symbol. SKIN-SI

If yuu change ynur awn m'l. he 51”": you use oil that has me Stal'bul'sl raymhul an 1.11:- l'nmt ui' Ihe nil cnntainer.

If you have your ml changed for you. be «are the oil put into yum engine 1'5 .-"ulte1'ir::an Petroleum Institute curLiI'iL'd l'nr guaniine engines.

“E II” ”Elli.“

You should aim use Ihe prop-er Vista-Shy ml 1hr yuur

vehicle. as fihnwn In the fullnwmg than: mum “E m will an woman was an. Inn Hicnlmnfl

__—__. flu-1|

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