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Checking Engine Oil When to Add Dil

Pull nuL the dipstick and elean it with a paper lewel or If the oil is at or below the ADD line. then you‘ll need Lu cloth. then push it back in all the way. Remove 1'! again. add same nil. But [mu must use Ihe right kuni This part keeping the u' p down. and check the level. explains what kind (if nil to use. For crankcase capacity.

see “Capacities and Specifications" in the index.


Dnn'i add [an mueh oil. If your engine has so

HHR" ' 3 “0 “WE much all that the oil level gets above the

cross-hatched area that SHOWS the [rm-per nperuling range, your engine euuld be damaged.

Just fill 1'l enough to pal the level mmewhere in Lhe prep-er operating range. Push the dipstick all the way back in when you‘re mrungh.

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