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Thu: wagon gas cap is bullion] a hinged dfla‘ll' on the drive r'5 side of your vehicle. While refueling. hung the cap inside me fuel door.

To Lake off the cap. turn it slowly In the left rcounwri-lmrkwiseJ.

If you get gasoline on yourselfnnd then something ignites it. you could be badly burned. Gasoline can spray out on you if you open the

fuel filler cap too quickly. This spray can happen if your tank is nearly Full. and is more likelyr in hul wualher. Open Ibe- fuel filler cap slowly and wait. for any “hiss” noisr to stop. Th en umcmw the can all the way.

BL‘ can? fill out to spill gasoline. Clean gasoline from painted Hurl‘uous :15 won as. possible. 5:6 "Cleaning the Outside of Your Buick" in the Index.

When you put Ihe cap hack on. Lurn it In The right unlil you hear at loast three clicks. Make sure you Full]; install lhl: cup. The: diagnostic system can derannine if the fuel cap has boon left off or improperly installed, This. would allow fuel 10 evupnrulr: inm th: alnmsphcro. SEE “Malfunction Indicator Lamp“ in the Iridcx.


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