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Fuels in Fnreign Countries

If you plan on driving in another enunlry uuleirle Ihr:

U nlierl States; nr Canada. the proper fuel may be hard In find. Never use leaded gasoline or any other fuel not recommended in the previous; {en en l‘uel. Cur-ill]; rcpalrh‘ canned by um: nl‘jmpmncr I'uel wnuldn'l he covered by your warranty.

To check on fuel availability. ask an autu club. or LsnnlaeL a majnr nil L'nrnpany {hill fines husinenh in the ununlry where you'll be driving.

You can also write us at the following address for adVicc. lLll-il [all us. when: ynu'n: going and give your Vehicle Idnnlilicallnn Number tVlNl.

General Mnmrs'. Overseas DinLfihulinn Cnrpnralinn North American Eapnrl Sales {MARS}

5903 Colonel Sznn Drive

Oshawa. Unlarifl L1H 8P?

+5-4 __ _——

Filling Your Tank

Gasoline vapor is highly flanmmhle. It burns

fiolently. and Ihat can cause very bad iniu rics. Don't fimuke if yuu‘rl: near garmline nr refueling your vehicle. Keep sparks. flames, and snmklng materials away from gasoline.

The xerlan gas: can ix behind Lhn rear license plate.

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