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@ Section 6 Service and Appearance Core

Here you will find infimmlirm abnui Ehe one ofi'our Doing Your Own Serriee Work Buick. This sac-non begins with service and fuel

infimneuon, and then it shows how to check 'Lrnpm‘lem fluid and “MI “waif“ There '5 also “mud Infommn much more about how to service your Buick than this

about your vehicle and a pen devoted In Its appearance care. manual can. To under the PW? service manuaL see SETVi EB “Service and Owner Publications" in the Index.

if you want to do some of your an service work, you‘ ll wool to get 1h: proper Buick Service Manual. [Hells you

Your vehicle has an air bag system. Before aliernpling to do you: own service work. see “Servicing Your Air Beg-Equipped Buick" 1o Ihe Index.

Your Buick dealer knows your vehicle best and wants you to be hiippg.r with ii. We hope you‘ll go to your dealer for all your service needs. You'll gel genuine GM parts and GM-Ltained and supponed service people. You should keep a record with all parts receipts and Iisr the mileage and the date of any sen-ice work you perform. See “Maintenance Record" in the Index.

We hope you'll wan: to keep your GM vehicle all GM. Genuine GM porn: have one of these marks:

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