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On the Staliun wagun. slide the hack of the jack base into the retainer in the storage area. Put the wing bolt through the hnie in the wrench. then through the hole in the jack. "lighten the wing halt inm the fastener in IJ‘IE storage area. Put me flat u: were intn the ittnrage well with the valve stem painted toward you. Insert the hook end of the bolt thmugh the wheel and into the retainer in the well. Put the diet: unto the boil. then tighten the wing nut an the built. Attach the tire lift strap to its retainer.

To tepiace the trim cover, put the lower edge at the cover into lJ‘te flour mink. Slide the clever toward the front of the vehicle. making sure the front tab goes behind the edge. insert the rear edge of the cert-er intt] the track, adjusting it tn lit ever the weatherstrip. Snap the front edge of the cover into place. Align the slotted button at the rear edge of the cover and turn it It) secure the trim pane].

Du the sedan. replace the-jack. flat or spare tire. and wheel Wrench and tighten the wing nut on the screw.


Wing Nut Wrench Compact Spare

Full-Size Spare or Flat Tire Jack Cover {If Provided) hark

Screw (Held-down}

Flt-tut" Bracket


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