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The trials you'il be using include [ht jack (A). wheel Rumouc this wheel covar by carefully pryi ng rJ-H' the

wnench {B}. socket {C} and wheel cover 1m}- lD}. center 01‘ [he cm'cr wifll The flat end 01° the wheel wrench. Your Buick has a wheel cmcr Ihal must be removed. In If your vehide has wire wheel covers. IETI'IIJ'U'B th: center access Ihe wheel Hum. Refer Lu Ilu: inslmclinns far [he or flu: wheat cover by using the wire wheel Incking enn'eL'l wheel cover lemme]. kcy Wrench.

If your vehicle has .111 aluminum when] on ver. iL must be Pm L11: flat end into the notch and carefully pry nfi' the remflved by carefully prying at the nulside edge with the small cover.

Hal Bud ”r [114: thc} mnm' Remove the lock nut by inserting In: key wrench into

the hole in the center nf 1112 when-I 1:13“:er [urn it counterclockwise m Ennficn the luck nuLcumpleLcIy. The wheel :0 var can he rammed by hand __ do not 1:111.r it eff.


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