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Tn swear. the equipment in

your wagon. turn The slolled release hunml Inflated on the rear edge of the cover.

Removing the Spare Tire and Tools

After you have changed the flat lire and have replaced me equipment. be mm: to align the slotted release huiton and turn 'u m secure the trim panel.

Remmu Em: lam-er by pulling it away from the window and then sliding il [award L11»: rear. lifting it up and out The cquipmem yuu'll need is in 'Ll'IC Lrunk il'yuu have 3 111' the lower Hack. Th1: wagun lire changing equipment sedan. Turn Ihe wing nut [In five screw cuunlereltmkwisu can now be removed.

to remove it. Remove the wheel wrench. spare tire and

the jack from lhe trunk.

The equipmem {hr The wagon is; in the rear fitfll'aEE enmpunmem.

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