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Changing a Flat Tire

[f a tire goes flat. avoid further time and wheel damage by driving slowly to a level place. Tum em your hazard warning Flashers.

Changing a tire can cause an injury. The vehicle can slip off the jaelr. and mi] ever you or other people+ 1'[lmi and the}r could he badly injured. Fluid 3 level plate to change )‘flur tire. Te help preveni the Ivehiele from moving:

I. Set the parking brake firmly. 1. Put the shift lever in PARK {PL

3' “'1'” "flu“: Engine. The following sleps will tell you how to use Illejaek and To be even mere certain the eehiele wun’l rnnve. ch an ge a tire.

you can put blocks at the from and rear of the the faflhesl away fmm Ihe name being changed. That wmlld he the tire on the other side of the

vehicle, :11 the uppteaite end.


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