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How to Add Coolant to the Coolant Surge Tank

lilyou haven’t found a pmblem yet, hut the nutrient level. isn't at F ULL COLD: add a 51150 mixture of clean enter [preferably distilled} and DEX-COOL T" antifreeze at the coolant surge tank. but be sure the cooling system. including the coolant surge tank press-tun: cap, is Ctlfll feature you Lin il. (See “Engine Cuulunl" in the Index Fer more information.)

Steam and scalding liquids from a hot cooling system eon blow out and burn you badly. The}: are

under pressure, and tr you turn the coolant surge

tank pressure can -- even a little -- the}.f eon come am at high speed. Never turn the esp when the eeoliug system. including the coolant surge tank pressure cap. is hot. Wait for the mollug system and coolant surge tan]: pressure cap to cool if you ever have to turn the pressure esp.

Adding only plain water In your cooling system can be dangerous. Plain Iwater, or some other liquid like :tull:l.|l'|ur.|l1 can boil before the pmper coolant mix will. Your vehicle’s mutant warning system is set for the proper coolant mix. With

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