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If No Steam ls Cuming Frum Ynnr Engine

If you get the overheat warning but see or hear no steam. the emblem my net be ten serious. Sometimes the engine can get a little tea but when you:

Climb a lung hill on a hot day. Step after high- speed driving. [tile for long perieds in traffic.

an :1 trailer.

If you get the overheat warning with nn sign of steam, try this fer a minute or so:

I. Turn eff veur sir eendjiiuner.

2. Turn en vein- heater in full her at the highest fan speed and open the window as nervessarv.

3. If you‘re in a traffic jam, shift tn NEUTRAL {N}: otherwise. shift to the highest gear while di‘ivhig -- AUTUlel'tTlC OVERDRWE {@l

Ln' THIRD {3}.


If you no longer have the ever-heat warning, you can drive. Just to be safe. drive slower for about I'EI minutes. lfihe wanting doesn't come hank UH, yen can drive nemmllv.

If the warning continues. pull ever. stop, and park your vehicle right away.

If there's still nu sign uf steam, you can idle the engine for [we or three minutes while we're parked. to see if Lhe warning stops. But there if you still have the warning+ rum efi'rke engine and get sweeten? out of the vehicle until it eeels dflw‘l‘l.

You may decide not to lift the hen-d hut in get serviee help right away.

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