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Engine Overheating

You will find a coolant temperature gage and the warning light about a hot engine on your instrument

panel. You will HJHU find a low Ctmlunl warning iighl on Steam from an overheated enfi‘ne can burn you your inKtru meat on ne]. hadly, men it you just open the hood. Stay away from the engine It’ you see or hear steam eomine from it. Just turn it oft“ and get everyone away from the vehicle until it cools down. Wait until 'lhen: is no sign of steam or coolant before opening the hood.

[f Steam Is Coming From Your Engine

If you keep driving when your engine is overheated, the liquidit in it can catch fire. You or others could he badly horned. Stop your engine il‘

it overheats. and get out of the vehicle until the engine is cool.

If your engine eatehes fire because you keep

driving with no coolant. your vehicle can be badly damaged. The costly repairs would not he covered by your warranty.

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