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Front Towing Tow Limits -— 35 mph {55 kmfiii. 56' miles (30 km}

Attach T—henk chains on boll], sides, in the siulLeLi

holes in the side of the frame rails. behind the front wheels.

A vehicle earl fall from a ear carrier if it isn’t

alflenuatvel}r seeu red. This can cause a collision. serious personal in_|ut~3r and vehicle damage. The vehicle should be tightly secured with chains or

steel eahles before it is transported.

Don’t use substitutes tropes. leather straps, canvas webbing, etc.) that can be cut by sharp edges underneath the lowed vehiele. Always use T—hn-nks inserted in the T—hoolt slots. Never use

J-hoolts. They will damage drisetrain and suspension eomp-nnents. These slots are to be used when using sling type

equipment or when lending and securing to ear carrier equipmenl.

When your vehicle is heing towed. have Ihe igniLier. key OF. The sleering 1wheel should be clamped in a straight-ahead position. with a clamping device designed for towing service. De not use the vehicle's steering column lock for this. The transmission should be in NEUTRAL {NJ and the parking brake released.


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