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Towing Your Vehicle

Try to have a Buick dealer or a profession a] {owing service tow your Roadmaster. They can provide the right

equipment and know how to mw your vehicle wilhoul damage. See "Roadside Assistance“ in the. Index.

If your vehicle has been changed or modified since it was factory new by adding aftermarket items lilo: fog lamps. aero skirting. or special tires and wheels, Ihese iostruclioos and illusL'raLioos may not be correct.

Before you do any thhg. turn on Uh: harem warning flashers.

When you call. [ell Lhe lowing service:

I That your vehicle has rear—wheel drive.

I The make. model and year of your vehicle. I Whelher you can still move the shift lever. i ll' Il1erc was an accident. what was damaged.

When the towing service arrives, '6! do: now operate: know that this manual contains detailed lowing inslruco'om um! illuslralirms. The operator may want to see :lmrn.

To help avoid ilijuq-r to you or others:

Never let pmcngers ride In a vehicle llaal

is heng towed. Never low faster than safe or posted speeds.

Never low with damaged parts not

fully secured.

Never get under your vehicle after It has been lifted by the low back.

Always secure lhe vehicle on each side wflh separate surely chains when Inwlog it. Never use .l-hooloi. L'ae T-hooks instead.

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