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ll Rumm'i: 1.11:: tables in rcvcn‘t urdfir [tuna-1:“! electrical shorting. Take care that {hey dnn': much each uLhtr or any olhcr maul.

9. Allach Lhc cablr: at [c4151 [3 incl'tcn' H5 Cm! away from th: (fund halter}; but no: ncar cnginu puns lhul mnvc. The Blemfica] canneminn is just u}; gle Ihum. but {he shame of sparks 11min; hack In the battery is much less.

fl... He:Lv3.'T\\.-Ielzt1 Engine Part B. Good Banter}- C. Dead Battery

10. New Start U16 VCIIJ'CIC 'uulh flu: good battery and run Lhc L'ngim: for .1 while.

I I. Try to man The vehicle with It“? dead battery.

If i1 won‘l start after a anx tries. it pmhuhly needs 5911'le

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