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If the other system isn’t a lz—velt system with a negative ground, hnth vehicles can be damaged.

3. Get the vehicles eluse enough en the jumper cables can. math but be sure the vehicles aren't touching each ether. If the},r are. it eeuid cause a ground connection you don‘t want. You wouldn't be able to start your Buick. and the bed gmunding could damage the electrical systems.

3. Tum oi? the ignition en both vehicles. Unplug unneeessa.t1..l accessories plugged into the cigarette lighter. Turn eff all lamps that aren't needed as rwell a5 radius. This will eve-id spirits snd heie save both batteries. In addition. it could save your radio]


if you leave your radio tin. it muld he badly damaged. The repairs wouldn’t he covered by yuur warranty.

4. Open the heals and lneute the batteries.

Find the positive [H and negative t-i terminals on each battery.

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