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1When You Are Ready to Leave After Parking on a Hill

1. Apply your regular brakes and hold the pedal down while you:

0 Start your engine: 0 Shiftintoa gear: and a Release the parking brake.


Let up on the brake pedal.


Drive slowly until the trailer is clear of the checks.


Engine Cooling When Trailering

Your cooling system may temporarily overheat during severe operating conditions such as:

O Climbing grades steeper than four percent at. Emperaluros above iNJ°F {32°C} with a loaded vehicle and trailer.

0 Stepping after hi gli-speed driving. 0 Idling for long periods in stepson—go traffic.


Stop and have someone pick up and store the chocks.

If the TEMP warning light comes on. pull to the side

of the road as soon as it is safe to do so. When the vehicle is at a complete stop. shirt the transmission selector to PA RIC {F} and allow the engine to idle. If your Electronic Climate Control system is on. shut it off. Do not turn off the engine or increase engine speed above a normal idle, Within tum or three minutes, the system should cool sufficiently. and you can turn on the Electronic Climate Control. At that time. resume driving at a reduced speed. Return to normal driving after

It] minutes if the TEMP warning light is not displayed. Maintenance When Trailer Towing

Your vehicle will need service more often when you‘re pulling a trailer. See the Maintenance Schedule for more on this. Things that are especially important in trailer operation are automatic uansmission fluid {don't overlill], cngi no oil. axle lubricant. bells- cooling system and brake adjusunent. Eaeh of these is covered in this manual. and the Index will help you find them quickly. if you're trailering. it’s a good idea to review these sections before you start your trip.

Check periodically to see that all hitch nuts and bolts are tight.

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