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lWhen lowing a trailer, the arrows on your instrument panel will flash for turns even if the bulbs on the trailer

are bumed out. Thus. you may think drivers behind you are seeing your signal when they are not. it's

imptn'tant to cheek occasionally to be sure the trailer bulbs are still working.

Driving 0n Grades

Reduce speed and shift to a lower gear before you start down a long or steep downgrade. If you don‘t shift

down. you might have to use your brakes so much that they would get hot and no longer work well.

On a long uphill grade, shift down and reduce your

speed to around 45 mph {TU ltn'u'h) to reduce the possibility of engine and transmission overheating.

11' you are towing a trailer that weighs more Ihan

2.000 lbs. {900 kg). you should drive in THIRD {3) instead of AUTOMATIC OVERDRIVE {@J or. as you need to. a lower gear. This will help your transmission.

Parking on Hills

You really should not park your vehicle, with a trailer

attached. on a hill. 11' something goes wrong. your rig could start to more. People can be injured. and holh

your vehicle and the trailer can be damaged.

But if you ever have to park your rig on a. hill, hereis how to do it:

l. Apply your regular brakes. but don't shift into PARK [Pi yet.

2. Have someone place ehoeks under the Irailer wheels.

3. When the wheel checks are in place. release the regular brakes until the shocks absorb the load.

4. Reapply the regular brakes. Then apply your parking brake. and then shift to PARK lF'lI.

5. Release the regular brakes.


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