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If you're using a “dead-weight" hitch. the trailer tongue {A} should weigh 10% of the total loaded trailer weight {B}. If you have a "weight-oi strihuting" hitch. the trailer tongue {in} should weigh 12% of the total loaded trailer weight (Bl.

After you've loaded your trailer. weigh the trailer and then the tongue. separately. to see if the weig th on: proper. If they aren’t. you may be able to get them right simply by moving some items around in the trailer.

Total Weight on Your Vehicle’s Tires

Be sure your vehicle‘s tires are inflated to the

recommended pressure for cold tires. You‘ll find these numbers on the Certification label 31 the [our

edge of the driver’s door or see “Loadiu g Your 1i'iehicle'

in the Index. Then he sure you don't go over the GW limit for your vehicle, including the weight of the trailer tongue.


lt’s importaul to have the correct hitch equipment. Crosswiuds. large trucks going by and rough roads are a few reasons why you‘ll need the right hitch. Here are some rules to follow:

I If you'll be pulling a trailer that. when loaded. will weigh more than 2.000 lbs. {900 kg}. he sure to use a properly mounted, weight-distributing hitch and sway control of the proper size. This equipment is very important for proper vehicle loading and good handling when you're driving.

0 1Will you have to make any holes in the body of your vehicle when you install a trailer hitch? if you do. then he sure to seal the hotes later when you remove the hitch. [f you don't see] them. deadly carbon monoxide {CO} from your exhaust can get into your vehicle [see “Carbon Monoxide" in the index). Dirt and water can. too.

O The bumpers on your vehicle are not intended for hitches. Do not attach rental hitches or other bumper-type hitches to them. Use only a frame-mounted hiteh [hut does not attach to the bumper,


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