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Weight uf the Trailer

How heavy can a trailer safely be"?

It should IlIJ'lr'CCI' weigh more than 2,000 lbs. {900 kg), unless you have the nptlonul 5.000 [155. {3 250 ltgl trailer rowing package. But even that can be mu heavy.

It also depends on how you plan In use your rig. For example. speei altitude. mad grades, outside temperature and hnw rnuch 3mm vehicle is used In pull a trailer are all important. And. it can also depend on an}r special equipment am: you have em your vehicle.

You can ink your dealer for flu; truileriug inlieratinn or advice, or you can write us 31:

Buick Mumr Division Customer Assistance Center 902 E. Hamilton Avenue Flint. MI 43550

in Canada. write to:

General Mature of Canada Limited Custumcr Assistance Center

i903 Cnlnncl Sam. Drive Oshawa. UntflIiD L1H 3??


Weight cf the Trailer Tnngue

The tongue load {M of any trailer is unimportant weight to measure because it affects the tc-tul capacity weight of your vehicle. The capacity,r weight includes the curb weight of the vehicle. any cargo you may.[ cam,r in it. and the people who will be riding in. the vehicle. And if you will Law a trailer, you must subtract the tongue lead from your vehicle's capacity.f weight because yuur vehicle will be carrying that weight. tub. See ”Leading Your 1tu’elriclr:"‘ in the Index for more information about your vehicle‘s maximum load capacity.

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