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Things you put inside your vehicle can strike and injure people in a sudden stop or turn. or in. a crash.

I Put things in the trunk or rear area of your vehicle. In a trunk, put then: as to: forward as you eon+ Try to spread the weight evenly.

Never stack heavier things, like suitcases, inside the vehicle so Iliat some of them an:

above the tops of the seats. Don‘t leave an unsecured child restraint in

[fyon overload your station wagon, you could damage parts of the vehicle andfor afi‘eet vehicle

handling, Either of these could cause you to lose control of the vehicle and you could be injured.

Never earry more weight than shown on the Certification label under "Gross Vehiele Weight Rating lGi’WRl" or “Gross Axle Weight Rating [GAWRJF

TWhen loading your wagon: your vehicle.

When you carry something inside the vehicle, secure it whenever you eat]. Don‘t leave a seat t'olded down unless you need tn.

I. Fold the second Lint] dim] seats down,

2. Balance your load from side to side and position it so that most of dte weight is toward of the [Etll' title. You can help protect the load floor urea and avoid damage to the folding seats by placing plywood or similar protection under your load.

3. Make sure there are eidter three people in the front seat or a total of'43tJ lbs. tlflfi kg}.

Li. [flooded to the maximum weight. or near it, weigh the wagon and its load to find the exact weight and help decide: how to position the load. You can go In a vehicle weigh station to do this.

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