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I Tie a red cloth to your vehicle to alert pnliee that we've been stopped by the snow.

at Put an extra clothing or wrap a blanket around you. if you have no hint: beta or extra clothing, make body insulemm fmm newfipflpflfl. burlap hugs. rags. fleet mats _. anything you can Wrap amend yourself or tuck under your clothing to keep warm.

You can run Ilie engine to keep warm, but he careful.


Sue-w can trey exhaust gases under your vehicle. This can cause deadlyr CD {carbon munuxide} gas to get inside. C0 euuld overcome you and kill you. You can’t see it or smell il‘.1 so you might nut know it L1 In your vehicle. Clear away snow from

amend the base of your vehicle, especially any that is blocking your exhaust pipe. And check around again from time to time to be in”! snow doesn’t colleet there.

0'an a window just a little on the side at the vehicle that‘s away from the whirl. This will help keep CO nut.

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