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Power Seat {Option} Power Lumbar [Option]

The power seal (3311111315 are iticated on m: LLI'ITII‘ESL Press the LUMBAR switch forward In increase lumbar

. . . . at: n. P -' ‘t r _ h . rt, Raise the from of Ihe seat by merging the left Hide ui Ihe FPO res; a rearmard to decrease Ium er WPW

t'rent switch. Press the right side of Ibis switch in Itiwer I111: Frunl‘. ui‘lj‘tt seal.

Move Ijie seal l'nrwam or back by pressing and holding FWD ur BACK. Raise the seat by pressing and holding UP. Press and hold UN to lower the seal.

Press and hold the left side of the rear swilch Li} raise U11: rear of the seat. Press: and hoid the right side of this switch to lower the rear of Ihe .sem.

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