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Power Antenna Mast Care Your [arm-tr antenna will look it}; heat and. wm’k wcll if NOTICE"

il's cleaned from time to time. To clean The antenna _ . mas-[f Brion: entering an automatic car wash. turn off

ynur rudin [0 make the power antenna g0 down. This will prevent the: mast I'rmn numibly getting

I. Turn on the ignitiun and radio to raise flit antenna.

2. Durnpm a clean L'lutJ'I with mineral xpiritfi in" damaged. It' the antenna dues nut E” down When “Llulvulem mlwm- you turn the radio off, it my be damaged or 3. Wipe the cloth over the mast sections. removing any "Rd "3 be cleaned. In til-h“ case, WW2" "19

dirt. antenna by hand by carefully pressing Ihe antenna dawn.

4. Wipe dry with a ulnar: alum.

5. Make 1J1: antenna gt: up and drawn by turning The . \ . ffldifl or ignitinn 01$:in on. [fthe mast pomon or your amenna t5 damaged. you can

easily replace it. Set: 3:qu dculcr Far :1 replacement kit

5- Repeat ”— necessary. and Folinw The ins1mctions in the kit.


Don’t lubricate the power antenna. Lubrication cuulcl damage it+

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