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Care at" Your Cassette Tape Player

A tape player that is not cleaned regularly can cause reduced sound quality, ruined cassettes or a damaged mechanism. Cassette tapes should be stored in their cases away fnum contaminants. direct sunlight and extreme heat. If they aren't. they may not operate properly or may cause failure of the tape player.

Your tape player should be cleaned regularly after every 5t} hours of use. Your radio may display CLN to indicate that you have used your tape player for it} hours without resetting the tape clean timer. If you notice a reduction in sound quality. try a known good cassette to see if the tape or the tape player is at fault. it this other cassette has no improvement in sound quality, clean UZIC tape player.

Cleaning may he done with a Scrub-hing action. non-abrasive cleaning cassette with pads which scrub the tape head as the hubs of the cleaner cassette turn. It is normal for the cassette to eject while cleaning because your unit is equipped with a cut tape feature. To temporarily oycnide this feature {for one insertion}. turn the radio off and press and hold TAPE. AUX and! the tape symbol flashes on Litc display, then insert the cassette again. Insert the cassette at least three times to ensure thorough cleaning. A scrubbing action cleaning cassette is available through your Buick dealer.


You may also choose a non-scrubbing action wet-type cleaner which uses a cassette with a fabric hell to clean the tape head. This type of cleaning cassette will not ejecL It may not clean as thoroughly as the scrubbing type cleaner.

Cassettes are subject to wear and the sound quality ntay degrade ever time. Always make sure that the cassette tape is in good condition before you have your tape player serviced.

Care at Your Compact Discs

Handle discs carefully. Store them in their original cases or other pmtective cases and away from direct sunlight and dust. If the surface of a disc is soiled dampen a clean. soft cloth in a mild. neutral detergent solution and clean it. wiping from the center to the edge.

Be sun: never to touch the signal surface when handling discs. Pick Up discs by grasping the outer edges or the edge of the hole and the outer edge.

Fixed Mast Antenna

The fitted mast antenna can withstand most car washes without being damaged. it" the mast should ever become slightly bent. you can straighten it out by hand. if the mast is badly heat. as it might be by vandals. you should replace it.

Check every once in a while to he sure the mast is still tightened to the fender.

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